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We are a boutique integrated marketing agency that combines interactive technologies with traditional marketing. This unique intersection enables us to provide dynamic solutions to companies looking to launch, create buzz, engage with customers, develop strategic partnerships, and grow their business through branding, marketing, advertising and PR. We continually interpret current trends and implement what’s hot and now.

Here and Now

Designed and developed the Android OFF MODE
mobile application with ongoing Media outreach to
generate brand awareness. 

Rocking the Social World

Created a local mobile campaign and implemented social advertising
to increase fan engagement and loyalty.

A Home Away From Home

Develop powerful marketing and PR campaigns to generate support and awareness of Family House’s mission and their move to Mission Bay.

Your Food is Here!

Manage Seamless’ marketing activation program to increase
presence and customer base in the San Francisco market.

Reaching New Heights 

Consistently breaking the boundaries of design,
Spritz designed Nuvola, Inc.’s website, accurately
conveying the brand and capabilities.

Exploring Strategic Partnerships

Develop strategic partnership opportunities for the new
Exploratorium on PIER 15.

What We do
What We Do

Spritz is a team of passionate designers, marketers, engineers, strategists, and entrepreneurs who get the job done. We are business rockstars in the following:

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Analytics
  • Minisite development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Web App Development
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • HTML5, PHP and CSS3
  • CMS

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone Applications
  • Android Applications
  • Mobile/tablet website



  • Visual & Verbal Branding
  • Identity Standards Development
  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Rebranding



  • Invitation/Theme Design
  • Guest List Management
  • Event Marketing/PR
  • Event Planning
  • Post Event Logistics
  • Nonprofit Events & Fundraisers

Marketing and Strategy

Marketing and Strategy

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Product Placement /
  • Cause marketing
  • Brand Recognition
  • Business Networking

Public Relations

Public Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Content Development
  • Media Relations
  • Online Community
  • Image Management

Spritz develops creative, professional and high quality customized marketing programs to fit the needs of each client. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a community non-profit, we are committed and give equal attention to details, ensuring unique, dynamic and successful results.


Designed, developed and implemented campaign for app launch to increase downloads and fan engagement.


Spearheaded grassroot marketing through guerilla street teams and special event sponsorships and activations.


Aligned with premium brands and key local events while establishing strategic tie-ins and generating brand awareness and engagement.


Designed and established a web presence for NEXT Lighting through capturing their brand identity and ongoing SEO efforts.


Generate awareness of the organization and its fundraising efforts to support Family House through their expansion phase.


Launched USA 76, developed the brand look and feel, and continue ongoing marketing campaigns with brand building and PR.


Refreshed brand identity and created strategic tie-ins for cause marketing and organizational communication.


Developed strategic partnerships and sponsorship opportunities for this iconic San Francisco experience.

Scoma's Restaurant

Implemented brand revamp through web design and development, SEO, social media, special events, public relations, & creative design


Executed 3 private opening events: designed invitations & managed guest lists with ongoing national and international media outreach.


Managed PR and media outreach, established media partnerships and secured local coverage in the SF and Portland markets.


Designed and developed website, establishing a strong online presence and ongoing SEO support.

america scores

Sponsorship and strategic alliances, Public Relations & special event execution.

hard rock cafe

Spritz activated a mobile marketing campaign & a Facebook advertising campaign.


Designed and developed brand identity, including logo and website

Bay Area Lyme Foundation

Spearheaded PR and marketing through building brand recognition in the San Francisco Bay Community

Innovative Insights

Developed branding with logo and website design and development

Joel Goodrich

Executed rebranding with logo and website design and development

Leadership Balance

Designed website to align with existing branding and business goals

Cova Hotel

Administered social media fan acquisition, campaigns and engagement

E&O Asian Kitchen

Designed and executed social media engagement & campaigns, creative and web design

Santé Nuts

Developed special event activations, marketing and cause-related promotions & creative design


Lead special event activations, marketing and partner relations for market penetration in the SF Bay Area & cause-related partnerships

mrCrave Bistro + Café

Initiated branding, creative design, social media fan acquisition, campaigns and engagement

  • ECHO Marketing
  • Jeffrey Siger
  • Melissa Galliani
  • NEXT Lighting
  • Panorama on the Hill
  • RAL & Associates
  • Ryan Lucero
  • Samara Public Relations
  • Seating & Mobility of India
  • The Marketing Method Group
  • The Old Clam House
  • Tommy Toy’s Cuisine Chinoise
Community Involvement
Phase 1Phase 1
Who We Are
Beth Schnitzer
Raghu Shivaram
Daniella Balaban
Martina H. Eckstut
Liane Koh
Kaley Gelineau
Angelo Soriano
Jastin Aguinaldo
Tiffany Lin

Spritz is a boutique Interactive Marketing Agency where technology meets marketing. We uniquely combine interactive technologies with traditional marketing. This intersection enables us to provide dynamic strategic solutions to companies small, medium and large. We continually interpret current trends and implement what's "hot" and "now".

Beth Schnitzer Co-Founder
Education : Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Superstar in : Partnership Marketing, Business Development, Connecting people
Loves : Working out, tennis, traveling, food & wine.
Career highlights : NFL Properties, FIFA World Cup Soccer, Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, San Francisco 49ers Foundation, Skate Nation, PIER 39 Strategic Alliances.
Extras : WISE San Francisco Chapter – President & Founding Member; WISE – National Board Member; Red Cross Bay Area – Committee Member; Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation – Board member; BASOC – Board member; Dress For Success San Francisco Chapter – Advisory Council; National Senior Games – Board Member.
What the Spritz team says : Beth has an endless amount of energy and passion for marketing that is inspiring and contagious. Beth is known for her big heart, involvement in the community and desire to give back. She is nick named “Worlds Greatest Networker” and prides herself on her vast array of relationships in San Francisco and beyond. This is part of what makes Spritz successful.
Raghu Shivaram Co-Founder
Education : Master’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Superstar in : Business Development, Gadgets, Apps, and anything technology
Loves : Fishing, photography, swimming, traveling, food & wine, music, connecting people.
Career highlights : Earthlink at Mphasis, SIUC Networking Engineering Dept, Advisor at JumpFox LLC.
Extras : Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation – Board Member; Association of Kannada Kootas of America (AKKA) – Board Member; San Francisco Bangalore Sister Cities Initiative – 2020 Committee member; Red Cross Bay Area – Committee Member.
What the Spritz team says : Raghu is dedicated, persistent, and never loses his cool; Raghu’s deep understanding in both marketing and technology is one of our most significant resources. Raghu has a vast personal and professional network and is truly international in business building and networking around the globe, where everyone you ask has deep respect for him.
Daniella Balaban V.P., Marketing & Strategy
Education : MBA from Loyola University, Chicago
Superstar in : Combining strategic vision with immaculate execution
Loves : Traveling, socializing and enjoying the great outdoors.
Career highlights : JWT Advertising – Account Executive; PIER 39′s Strategic Alliances – Senior Account Executive; Kraft Foods – Strategic Insight and Strategy.
Extras : Professional Business and Life Coach, an aspiring writer.
What the Spritz team says : Daniella doesn’t like to go around in circles. She’s observant, honest & direct, She has a love of life and a great sense of humor and knows how to mix hard work with fun. An amazing team player with a versatile personality.
Martina H. Eckstut Director, Partnership Marketing
Education : Syracuse University Class of 2005. BS in Business Studies and Entrepreneurship
Superstar in : List making, large-scale event production and negotiating
Loves : Live music, newspapers and Syracuse basketball
Career highlights : Pitching, proposing and implementing over 50 strategic partnerships across four media outlets in one year
Extras : Was featured in the New York Time style section and a Tommy Hilfiger commercial
What the Spritz team says : Martina has an amazing energy and drive. Her passion is contagious!
Liane Koh Marketing & PR Specialist
Education : Master’s degree in Communication Management from the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California (USC)
Superstar in : Branding, Writing/Editing, Social Media Management, and Organizational Communication
Loves : Baking and cooking new recipes with fusion flavors, exploring interior design and fashion publications, and throwing dinner parties.
Career highlights : Published a thesis on Leadership for the Hospitality Industry: Harnessing the Potential of Multicultural Teams, and worked for Per AQUUM Resorts.Retreats.Residences in Singapore and the Maldives doing PR and Communications.
Extras : Attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood, and has traveled to over 20 countries
What the Spritz team says : Dynamic, energetic and great communicator. Her smile, enthusiasm and International background brings a special energy to the team.
Kaley Gelineau Account Coordinator
Education : Bachelors degree in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Superstar in : Syntax, communication, creativity.
Loves : Traveling, reading, writing, cooking and being active
Career highlights : Launched marketing initiatives with Consolidated Graphics, Woodridge Press division, Writer for Rolling Hills Magazine, Co-editor of a scholastic manuscript, “A Teacher In Table Philosophie.”
Extras : Ceramicist, animal lover, and aspiring fiction writer.
What the Spritz team says : Kaley brings a positive force of inertia with her energy and presence. Her spirit, dedication and ability to constantly multitask at any given time makes her a tremendous addition to the team!
Angelo Soriano Creative Designer
Education : BFA in Web Design and New Media, The Academy of Art University
Superstar in : Campaign and Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography
Loves : Sports, Outdoors, Traveling, Happy Hour, The L.A. Lakers
Career highlights : Published in the Capture Kern County Photography Book. Featured in the Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show for four years in a row along with two 1st Prize winning pieces. Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) Semi-Finalist.
Extras : Served in the U.S. Army.
What the Spritz team says : Angelo makes designing look so easy. Diligent and excellent at time management while maintaining a calm and Positive attitude.
Jastin Aguinaldo Graphic Designer
Education : BFA in Web Design and New Media
Superstar in : Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Loves : Randomly singing and serenading co-workers until it gets awkward
Career highlights : Featured in the Academy of Art University Spring Show in 2010 and 2012.
Extras : Love to paint and going to the beach.
What the Spritz team says : Jastin strives for perfection and tackles each project with new eyes and energy. He brings an entirely new dimension to the team. Plus, he’s an awesome vocal artist, great for that afternoon boost of energy!
Tiffany Lin Marketing Assistant
Education : Psychology Major from University of California, Berkeley
Superstar in : Market research, Branding, Strategy
Loves : Design, Baking, Billiards, Traveling
Career highlights : Presented 2013 Automotive Trends Report in Advertising for Audi at Venables Bell and Partners
Extras : DIY Enthusiast and Aspiring Food Photographer
What the Spritz team says : Tiffany is sharp as a tack, and is ready to take on any challenge thrown her way! Her insights and quiet energy motivates the team to stay on track. She is dedicated, thorough and super fun to work with!
April 2014
BY: Spritz

Can Instagram increase ROI?

The past decade has seen the resurgence of music festivals all across the country. 2014 is the 10 year anniversary of the ubiquitous Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA; but it wasn’t the first and is certainly not the last. In any given year you can find Bonnaroo, Stagecoach, Lollapalooza, Wakarusa, Governors Ball and so many more. It feels like there is a festival for any genre of music, in any geographic location and for any age group. In fact, the relatively new Bottlerock festival in Napa, CA was designed specifically for the aging demographic of festival attendees who no longer want to car camp, but rather stay in upscale lodging, visit wineries and eat great food all while listening to their favorite bands perform. The impeding issue to a strong ROI is that the circuit is rather incestuous and often times the bands overlap in lineups. Bookers and promoters try to appeal to a wider demographic of attendees not only for ticket sales but also to court brands into sponsorships.

Here in San Francisco, the release of the Outside Lands lineup is always fraught with anticipation even though the bands are playing at least 2-3 other festivals and attendees will be hearing them multiple times. This makes new and exciting news, old news very quickly. With each lineup released, the curiosity about the lineup for another festival dissipates. So how do festivals who have similar talent, ticket prices and attendees distinguish itself in this crowded marketplace and actually make money? Outside Lands is held in early August in San Francisco. It doesn’t have the weather of southern California, the grit of NYC or the twang of Tennessee. It has fog, chilly evenings and the impossibility of getting a cab to bring you to your apartment or hotel after the 10pm (strict) music deadline every night. What is does have is the access to social media evangelists and unique, out of the box marketing tactics that work. OSL knows that to court an audience, especially one with a younger demographic, social media is imperative to peak interest and drive ticket sales. This year, the lineup is released on April 8th, 2014 and dovetails with regular admission tickets which is the bulk of their revenue. They aim to drive interest and curiosity in the week leading up to the announcement, instead of just making the announcement and hoping the talent does the marketing and sales for them.

In 2014, Outside Lands used their mass following on Instagram (almost 40,000 followers) to release “clues” about their lineup. They developed the hashtag #outsidelandsclue and have been leaking cut off shots of album covers and pictures each day in an effort to increase anticipation and sell out of 3 day passes as soon as possible. In addition to running this program via Instagram, OSL has been posting articles to Twitter about various artists as well as hosting the live Instagram feed on their website which drives interest parties back to the shopping cart. This is a risky, yet ahead of the curve media plan for OSL, since they have realized that print advertising just doesn’t work and that the demographic they appeal to is very adept at ignoring digital messaging. Now, there is a global buzz about the lineup. Editorial teams are writing blogs, and OSL is getting so much more value in premium content and earned media. Well played OSL, well played.

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April 2014
BY: Spritz

#TBT is a trending hashtag weekly that encourages people to find old photos

Everything old is new again, or so the song says. That is, in fact the case for fashion, movies, culinary pursuits and more. Trends come back around and vintage can become modern and fresh. Instagram offers vintage filters for photographs, and #TBT is a trending hashtag weekly that encourages people to find old photos and share them with their followers.

Miller Coors has seen this rise in popularity of “vintage” and realized this exact insight may be what saves the struggling Miller Lite brand, as it has been slowly losing its share of consumers. Brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon has captured the millennial generation with it’s crafty, niche market appeal and pop culture references while maintaining it’s “back to basics” beer approach and virtually no advertising campaigns. Miller Coors wants that audience and thinks that it has found a way to poach part of that binge drinking audience. In late 2013, Miller Coors decided to bring back the vintage can, look and feel of Miller High Life in an attempt to win back the .04% market share that was lost between 2012 and 2013. This was a test run, and in first quarter, Miller managed to win back that .04% and take it from the most popular brew, Bud Light. Because of this insight, Miller Coors has now decided to expand upon the vintage and authentic look. Along with a coalition of WPP agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Miller has created a series of ads that use authenticity and humor to reinforce Miller Lites history as the original light beer that will continue through 2014. This resurgence of the past resonates with older drinkers because it derives an emotional feeling of being young, and it interests the millennials because of a connection to authenticity. If Miller High Life has its way and this multifaceted advertising program succeeds, San Francisco will see scores of Miller High Life cans strewn around Dolores Park instead of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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March 2014
BY: Spritz

Mobile Marketing

In 2013, growth by users accessing websites, e-commerce sites and social media through their mobile phones doubled, and that figure is expected to grow exponentially in 2014. In fact, some think that mobile might overtake fixed internet this year. While the space is ripe with users, advertisers haven’t figured out a way to create valuable messaging that resonates on mobile platforms. Why is this important? Large budgets are allocated for other platforms, TV still being the front runner with around 70 billion dollars of advertising revenue allocated in the US market alone. Mobile platforms want that money and they want it now and they want a lot of it but they need interactive advertising for any brand to justify the spend on a growing, yet still small piece of the pie. Additionally, social media sites like Facebook need to start generating revenue streams for brands in order to stay relevant and become a legitimate ad platform.

Seems like an easy sell given the big data that websites, collect every time you do ANYTHING online, except it is anything but easy. People have shorter attention spans and are more adept at phasing out and ignoring advertising on any platform. It is even harder when most users on their phones are on- the go, commuting, and / or browsing for entertainment and may not be 100% focused on the mobile device. Facebook has been working for the last two years to solve this problem, and as early as late April, we may see some of that TV ad budget allocated to the social media giant. According to, Facebook is finally ready to roll out their long awaited 15 second premium video ads. The only targeted done in these ads will be by gender, and age and Nielson Online Campaign ratings will measure the delivery and advertisers will only have to pay on the ratings in an attempt to off set the cost of these ads (a 15 second spot with only one demographic target is priced at $1 million dollars, using all 4 demographic targets for one day is a bargain, only $2.4 million dollars). This could be the answer to mobile advertising….or a huge investment and loss for Facebook if the user base doesn’t take well to these new ads.

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March 2014
BY: Spritz

Coke invaded the Oscars

Coke invaded the Oscars

How much do you think 40 mentions through social media is worth? What is the ROI in social media. Do Facebook likes mean that your product is gaining traction? If people are mentioning you on Twitter, does that mean they are trying, using and being loyal to your product, or are you just a flash, a mention, a brands 15 minutes of fame. More importantly, would you spend over 8 million dollars and consider that a successful advertising spend?

In 2014, Coca-Cola stepped down as long time sponsor of the Academy Awards. Between 2009 and 2013, Coca Cola spent over 40 million dollars on advertising and branding for the awards show, mostly pushing their ubiquitous Diet Coke brand. Oscar and his bright, shiny coat just got to be to expensive or to boring for the soft drink giant and where one brand leaves, another one jumps at the chance to be affiliated with celebrities, movies, fashion and music at the biggest awards show of the season.

This year, Pepsi stepped up and paid around 1.9 million dollars per 30 second TV spot to be the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage of the event. That price point doesn’t even include the product donated to the event- and in one seemingly simple and funny joke, their biggest competitor, Coca Cola got some of the best air time of the night. Halfway through the broadcast, Ellen thought it would be funny to order pizza for some of the Oscar nominees as the show is notoriously long and don’t provide food and beverages for any attendees. Because ABC was not prepared for this antic, and because the chances of the largest rival of Pepsi having logo presence on a pizza box was an unfathomable issue, out walked a clueless pizza delivery man who gave Coca-Cola free brand exposure and logo presence during the show while celebrities interacted with the pizza, and the box. It was free, amazing advertising for Coke, who gained about 4,978 social media mentions after viewers noticed that Pepsi’s top competitor showed up. In comparison, Pepsi only had about 5, 018 mentions during the entire Oscars show. So I ask you again, are 40 social media mentions worth 8 million dollars?

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February 2014
BY: Spritz

Privacy & Advertising

Have you been “scroogled”. I am sure most of you have seen those TV commercials alerting the public to Google tracking and selling personal data to advertisers in order to provide services like the Google search engine and Gmail. Most people take their privacy behind the computer screen for granted (including this marketer, even though I know better). Personally, I find it humorous when Facebook recommends men’s bathing suits (based off an internet purchase for my male roommate) or diamond engagement rings (I am very single) but not everyone appreciates big brother tracking their online behavior. Time on the computer is often done in the privacy of an office or home, and while people are aware that their behavior is being tracked, most people don’t actively think or remember that with every scroll and click of a website or link, data about you is being recorded to then be sold to advertisers looking to continually segment their demographics and fine tune their messages to specific audiences. That has changed since Edward Snowden released classified information about the NSA and it’s unfavorable global surveillance apparatus. Now, privacy and the internet is all abound. People are much more skeptical as to what is being recorded and data breaches such as Target and the lesser known Living Social breach hasn’t made anyone feel more comfortable about browsing the internet.

What does this mean for the future of the use of using personal data for targeting purposes? The pendulum can swing either way, either people will start paying for a service that doesn’t record personal data for revenue purposes or the mass market will except the status quo as the data breaches become more common and the internet is accepted as a potentially unsafe environment. Can you imagine a monthly fee to access your Gmail account, or even worse, being charged based on the amount of hours your are logged into the account?

Well folks, it looks like brick and mortar stores and snail mail might make a come back after all.

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