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We are a boutique integrated marketing agency that combines interactive technologies with traditional marketing. This unique intersection enables us to provide dynamic solutions to companies looking to launch, create buzz, engage with customers, develop strategic partnerships, and grow their business through branding, marketing, advertising and PR. We continually interpret current trends and implement what’s hot and now.

Here and Now

Designed and developed the Android OFF MODE
mobile application with ongoing Media outreach to
generate brand awareness. 

Rocking the Social World

Created a local mobile campaign and implemented social advertising
to increase fan engagement and loyalty.

A Home Away From Home

Develop powerful marketing and PR campaigns to generate support and awareness of Family House’s mission and their move to Mission Bay.

An International Adventure

Refreshed Brand Identity and secured strategic sponsorships to generate PR and expand community outreach.

Spice It Up

Designed creative brand direction and marketing collateral to align with a custom, targeted social media strategy in order to grow engagement and drive traffic.

What We do
What We Do

Spritz is a team of passionate designers, marketers, engineers, strategists, and entrepreneurs who get the job done. We are business rockstars in the following:

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Analytics
  • Minisite development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Web App Development
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • HTML5, PHP and CSS3
  • CMS

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone Applications
  • Android Applications
  • Mobile/tablet website



  • Visual & Verbal Branding
  • Identity Standards Development
  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Rebranding



  • Invitation/Theme Design
  • Guest List Management
  • Event Marketing/PR
  • Event Planning
  • Post Event Logistics
  • Nonprofit Events & Fundraisers

Marketing and Strategy

Marketing and Strategy

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Product Placement /
  • Cause marketing
  • Brand Recognition
  • Business Networking

Public Relations

Public Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Content Development
  • Media Relations
  • Online Community
  • Image Management

Spritz develops creative, professional and high quality customized marketing programs to fit the needs of each client. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a community non-profit, we are committed and give equal attention to details, ensuring unique, dynamic and successful results.


Designed, developed and implemented campaign for app launch to increase downloads and fan engagement.


Spearheaded grassroot marketing through guerilla street teams and special event sponsorships and activations.


Aligned with premium brands and key local events while establishing strategic tie-ins and generating brand awareness and engagement.


Designed and established a web presence for NEXT Lighting through capturing their brand identity and ongoing SEO efforts.


Generate awareness of the organization and its fundraising efforts to support Family House through their expansion phase.


Launched USA 76, developed the brand look and feel, and continue ongoing marketing campaigns with brand building and PR.


Refreshed brand identity and created strategic tie-ins for cause marketing and organizational communication.


Developed strategic partnerships and sponsorship opportunities for this iconic San Francisco experience.

Scoma's Restaurant

Implemented brand revamp through web design and development, SEO, social media, special events, public relations, & creative design


Executed 3 private opening events: designed invitations & managed guest lists with ongoing national and international media outreach.


Managed PR and media outreach, established media partnerships and secured local coverage in the SF and Portland markets.


Designed and developed website, establishing a strong online presence and ongoing SEO support.

america scores

Sponsorship and strategic alliances, Public Relations & special event execution.

hard rock cafe

Spritz activated a mobile marketing campaign & a Facebook advertising campaign.


Designed and developed brand identity, including logo and website

Bay Area Lyme Foundation

Spearheaded PR and marketing through building brand recognition in the San Francisco Bay Community

Innovative Insights

Developed branding with logo and website design and development

Joel Goodrich

Executed rebranding with logo and website design and development

Leadership Balance

Designed website to align with existing branding and business goals

Cova Hotel

Administered social media fan acquisition, campaigns and engagement

E&O Asian Kitchen

Designed and executed social media engagement & campaigns, creative and web design

Santé Nuts

Developed special event activations, marketing and cause-related promotions & creative design


Lead special event activations, marketing and partner relations for market penetration in the SF Bay Area & cause-related partnerships

mrCrave Bistro + Café

Initiated branding, creative design, social media fan acquisition, campaigns and engagement

  • ECHO Marketing
  • Jeffrey Siger
  • Melissa Galliani
  • NEXT Lighting
  • Panorama on the Hill
  • RAL & Associates
  • Ryan Lucero
  • Samara Public Relations
  • Seating & Mobility of India
  • The Marketing Method Group
  • The Old Clam House
  • Tommy Toy’s Cuisine Chinoise
Community Involvement
Phase 1Phase 1
Who We Are
Beth Schnitzer
Raghu Shivaram
Kaley Gelineau
Angelo Soriano
Jastin Aguinaldo
Akil Johnson
Tiffany Lin
Aude Mazaud

Spritz is a boutique Interactive Marketing Agency where technology meets marketing. We uniquely combine interactive technologies with traditional marketing. This intersection enables us to provide dynamic strategic solutions to companies small, medium and large. We continually interpret current trends and implement what's "hot" and "now".

Beth Schnitzer Co-Founder
Education : Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Superstar in : Partnership Marketing, Business Development, Connecting people
Loves : Working out, tennis, traveling, food & wine.
Career highlights : NFL Properties, FIFA World Cup Soccer, Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, San Francisco 49ers Foundation, Skate Nation, PIER 39 Strategic Alliances.
Extras : WISE San Francisco Chapter – President & Founding Member; WISE – National Board Member; Red Cross Bay Area – Committee Member; Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation – Board member; BASOC – Board member; Dress For Success San Francisco Chapter – Advisory Council; National Senior Games – Board Member.
What the Spritz team says : Beth has an endless amount of energy and passion for marketing that is inspiring and contagious. Beth is known for her big heart, involvement in the community and desire to give back. She is nick named “Worlds Greatest Networker” and prides herself on her vast array of relationships in San Francisco and beyond. This is part of what makes Spritz successful.
Raghu Shivaram Co-Founder
Education : Master’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Superstar in : Business Development, Gadgets, Apps, and anything technology
Loves : Fishing, photography, swimming, traveling, food & wine, music, connecting people.
Career highlights : Earthlink at Mphasis, SIUC Networking Engineering Dept, Advisor at JumpFox LLC.
Extras : Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation – Board Member; Association of Kannada Kootas of America (AKKA) – Board Member; San Francisco Bangalore Sister Cities Initiative – 2020 Committee member; Red Cross Bay Area – Committee Member.
What the Spritz team says : Raghu is dedicated, persistent, and never loses his cool; Raghu’s deep understanding in both marketing and technology is one of our most significant resources. Raghu has a vast personal and professional network and is truly international in business building and networking around the globe, where everyone you ask has deep respect for him.
Kaley Gelineau Account Manager
Education : Bachelors degree in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Superstar in : Syntax, communication, creativity.
Loves : Traveling, reading, writing, cooking and being active
Career highlights : Launched marketing initiatives with Consolidated Graphics, Woodridge Press division, Writer for Rolling Hills Magazine, Co-editor of a scholastic manuscript, “A Teacher In Table Philosophie.”
Extras : Ceramicist, animal lover, and aspiring fiction writer.
What the Spritz team says : Kaley brings a positive force of inertia with her energy and presence. Her spirit, dedication and ability to constantly multitask at any given time makes her a tremendous addition to the team!
Angelo Soriano Senior Creative Designer
Education : BFA in Web Design and New Media, The Academy of Art University
Superstar in : Campaign and Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography
Loves : Sports, Outdoors, Traveling, Happy Hour, The L.A. Lakers
Career highlights : Published in the Capture Kern County Photography Book. Featured in the Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show for four years in a row along with two 1st Prize winning pieces. Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) Semi-Finalist.
Extras : Served in the U.S. Army.
What the Spritz team says : Angelo makes designing look so easy. Diligent and excellent at time management while maintaining a calm and Positive attitude.
Jastin Aguinaldo Creative Designer
Education : BFA in Web Design and New Media
Superstar in : Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Loves : Randomly singing and serenading co-workers until it gets awkward
Career highlights : Featured in the Academy of Art University Spring Show in 2010 and 2012.
Extras : Love to paint and going to the beach.
What the Spritz team says : Jastin strives for perfection and tackles each project with new eyes and energy. He brings an entirely new dimension to the team. Plus, he’s an awesome vocal artist, great for that afternoon boost of energy!
Akil Johnson Creative Design Intern
Education : Studying Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art University. BFA expected in 2016.
Superstar in : Web Design and Branding
Loves : Hiking, sports, and spending time with family
Career highlights : Received scholarship to Academy of Art, Designed user interface and branding guidelines for BodyFi.
Extras : Plays for the basketball team at the Academy of Art.
What the Spritz team says : Our basketball guru and design extraordinaire, Akil brings a silent strength to our design team. His willingness to learn and enthusiasm is a constant inspiration.
Tiffany Lin Associate Account Manager
Education : Psychology Major from University of California, Berkeley
Superstar in : Market research, Branding, Strategy
Loves : Design, Baking, Billiards, Traveling
Career highlights : Presented 2013 Automotive Trends Report in Advertising for Audi at Venables Bell and Partners
Extras : DIY Enthusiast and Aspiring Food Photographer
What the Spritz team says : Tiffany is sharp as a tack, and is ready to take on any challenge thrown her way! Her insights and quiet energy motivates the team to stay on track. She is dedicated, thorough and super fun to work with!
Aude Mazaud Marketing Assistant
Education : Master’s degree in Marketing from EM Strasbourg Business School (University of Strasbourg), France
Superstar in : Branding, Event Marketing, Cultural Sensitivity
Loves : Traveling, Hiking, History and Nutella
Career highlights : Provided support for the organization of an international trade show at the French Government Tourist Office in Los Angeles. Category Manager Assistant at Virgin Stores France.
Extras : Plays the flute.
What the Spritz team says : Aude brings a certain savoir-faire to our team with her infectious energy and dedication. Her drive to constantly succeed and grow pushes the team to remain a step ahead in all avenues. Plus, she has this killer French accent that makes us all jealous.
July 2014
BY: Spritz

Marketing value in viral videos and memes

Social media’s strength is in its ability to reach a broad audience, spreading information within mere seconds in a cascade of person-to-person referral. Nothing more powerfully illustrates this capability than viral videos, which spread near instantaneously across the net, challenging and engaging viewers.

What makes a video go viral? Some viral videos, like the Dove real beauty ads, which address gender norms and stereotypes for both men and women, become popular through their discussion of relevant social issues. The incessant tide of videos of hapless cats, cute babies, and friendly animals on YouTube make it clear that cute can still be capitalized upon, and weird and quirky has a currency all its own, as phenomena like Gangnam Style show. Increasingly, viral videos are also well-planned, complex creative projects, going from OK Go’s wildly inventive and popular music videos, to the recent “Live Test” series of ads created by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors for Volvo Trucks. Videos are now also directly engaging their audiences, moving from spectacle to interactive experiences, as in the “24 Hours of Happy” music video created by New York agency Iconoclast for musician Pharrell WIlliams.

Both Forsman & Bodenfors and Iconoclast recently won Cyber Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions, and their triumphs further emphasize the direction that social media is beginning to take. Videos were previously, as mentioned, spectacle, and retained that function and use in marketing. Ads were used to capture viewer attention, and keep that attention in order to promote a product. However, do these videos create a relationship between the company and its consumer? Do they drive consumer-producer interaction and feedback at all? From heated debates in the YouTube section, it’s clear that if nothing else, the targeted viewers are perfectly capable of trolling and discussing company stances and marketing angles all their own.

In fact, applications like Foodspotting, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are signs of a world where consumers market to other consumers, tailoring and curating their own consumptive habits and patronage by interacting with other fellow consumers. In viral videos too, this shift can be seen–consumer interaction is becoming more and more self-referential, parodied, memetic. The landing of Harlem Shake is a perfect demonstration. While Harlem Shake is considered to have gone viral, it is more of a viral video meme. Unlike videos like Australia Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die, Harlem Shake won popularity through a consumer interaction with a product, rather than company promotion of a product or creative process. Where companies sold a story, or a good concept in their video ads, video memes like Harlem Shake simply sell entertainment, and endlessly spawn upon themselves, for example, Harlem Shake videos that end with a shot of Internet meme figure Slenderman, or videos that complain about the viral nature of the meme and how overdone it has become. With applications like Vine, anyone can shoot a video, or reach out to others, promoting another wave of video memes like the recent Wiggle.

And companies are breaking into this idea of consumer-to-consumer interaction, by speaking the language of consumers. Denny’s Twitter and Tumblr have become wildly popular for their hilariously witty posts, featuring, among other things, silly emojis, parodies of well-known songs and poems, and unrepentantly bad photoshopped GIFs, generally operating on the same self-referential, parodying level as those who use social media. Tumblr is a minefield of such interactions, spawning conversations completely held through GIFs, and memes like Doge and Spiders Georg. Twitter is getting in on the game, having finally allowed GIFs to be posted on its feeds. Fiat has also begun to attempt to reach audiences in a similar man with its series of Endless Fun ads, featuring a variety of GIFs on loop, invoking mixed reactions.

Should companies try and engage the consumer the way consumers interact with each other? How would this affect the way the relationship between the company and the consumer is perceived? In an age of entrepreneurship and small business where consumers are clamoring for more of a say in their products, or producing their desired products themselves, there could be a lot to learn from listening to the way consumers communicate and interact, not just as a demographic, but also on an everyday, social basis.

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July 2014
BY: Spritz

What does the Modern Consumer Want?

For several years, marketing has been shifting from transactional to a relational. Consumers should not be considered as passive targets, but as active and collaborative consumers. What does this mean for brands? Let’s use a hot topic as an example: the World Cup leads to billions of dollars spent in advertisements and communication for firms. Brands fight for prime advertisement spots in this huge “supermarket” as they are able to reach a global audience. You may have seen the Nike five-minute short animated movie starring renowned soccer celebrities playing against their clones. This is a perfect example of branded entertainment – the firm tries to set themselves apart from thousands of other brands by creating entertaining content to capture and maintain the audience’s attention for a prolonged period of time. This content then drives interaction through social media. This is one example that shows how brands can effectively engage with active consumers.

Through the rise of social networks, more attention has been paid to engagement and new market segments. However, it is not the only way to interact with customers. Branded content, events including cause marketing and sponsorships can also be very efficient tools. The main goal for companies is to generate an emotional commitment to their brands in order to differentiate themselves. In such a data-driven age, Brands need to be more creative than intrusive, and should use a number of different fronts to entertain, immerse, engage and eventually reach their customers. It is crucial for companies to foster a close relationship with their community and their customers through diverse drivers. It is this variation and intrigue that consumers look for in a brand, and ultimately pushes a brand from good to great.

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June 2014
BY: Spritz

A Parisian in America

With today’s global culture it is essential to generate creativity and understand consumer response in the marketing field. As a young French marketer, working at Spritz is a tremendous opportunity to learn and acquire a unique point of view on current practices in a very dynamic and evolving environment. As Europeans typically look to Americans for marketing and consumer relations inspiration, I am excited to gain a new perspective and understanding through my time at Spritz. An open workplace culture, a strong focus on collaborative work, and a great energy make the Spritz team very different from what I have experienced before.

With the increasing number of new clients and numerous networking events, ideas pop up from all sides and minds crackle – sparking innovative ideas to combat unique situations. From a French (and stereotypically “grumpy culture”) point of view, this boundless enthusiasm can be very destabilizing. Here, through their excess energy and passion, is where American’s innovation is born. A recent article, “50 American marketing trends to adopt,” approached the issue of adopting American marketing tactics in order to give French marketing managers practical and applicable ideas for their company. The conclusions echo what I am witnessing at Spritz through the diversity of their activity. The most relevant trend was the importance attributed to local enterprises and businesses’ involvement in their community, which is exactly what Spritz is all about.

For me though, their main strength does not lie in these new trends, but rather comes from a common root, this “American secret” that French firms have been trying to discover. The key is their inexhaustible positivity and entrepreneurial energy that sometimes remain a mystery in part of European culture. It seems that the wise old country has more to learn from the young fresh nation than they think.

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May 2014
BY: Spritz

Be careful what you wish for.

“All press is good press”, or so the saying goes. In a world revolving around social media, digital marketers pray for their posts to go viral and Publicists pine after making headlines. But what happens when someone makes a mistake, and every agency, newsroom and layman have their digital eyes glued to your screen? In this day and age, snafus are made legendary, forever burned into your database, marring your name for years to come, because people love mistakes. And while every PR and marketing professional will cringe when such a large-scale event hits the fan, we all secretly love seeing how the crisis is handled.

In the most recent blunder, former owner of the LA Clippers made an outrageous comment to his (already taboo) mistress, resulting in one of the worst scandals in recent NBA history and a PR agency’s nightmare. In an effort to separate themselves from their owner, the Clippers banded together wearing their jerseys inside out, an act of solidarity against Sterling and his crass statements. This quiet, but very public statement sent a message that Sterling’s views were in no way representative of the Team’s views on the subject.

This seemingly small but powerful act began their recovery process and reputation management. It became imperative that the Clippers separate their values as a team from the damaging words of their owner. As the story unfolded, ultimately ending with a lifetime ban for Sterling, the Clippers continued to react as a single unit, centering their brand on “We Are One” messaging.

For the first few days, the simple message took the place of their website, eliminating the ability to click through to other pages in the website. This clearly designated their stance and delivered a powerful message, its aim to set the team apart from Sterling. Today, the banner still hangs on their page along with other positive messages such as “We Can Move Forward”, “One Team, One Goal”, and “Getting Back to Basketball”, as well as highlighting their fans outpour of support for the team.

With this brand revitalization, the Clippers plan to come out of this extremely controversial time as a stronger and more unified force. Which is, really, the best outcome anyone could hope for. We only hope it doesn’t make them so strong as to defeat the Warriors. (Sorry, San Francisco pride all the way).

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April 2014
BY: Spritz

Tinder Hacking: No Harm, No Foul?

Tinder, an online dating application, has recently taken social media by storm with “social marketing hacking.” Two individuals (and I’m sure many more who have yet to come forward) tapped into the consumer’s mindset, altering their personal profiles to be more marketable and increase their ROI.

Through a seemingly obvious tactic, “swiping right” and mass-accepting matches, the two social marketers exponentially increased their reach. But the real intrigue lies in their branding and content marketing approach. Each of the social marketers tailored their profile pictures and content, bringing to light one of the largest ploys in marketing and advertising: the appeal to authority fallacy.

It was through a perceived “endorsement” by Tinder that people seemed to be more inclined to accept the match. The experimenters utilized a similar font to Tinder with a self-proclaimed “Hot Match of the Day” title, complete with the Tinder logo incorporated into their profile pictures. They then developed original content and focused the messaging to consist of content directly related to commonly sought-after traits – proving what we all know to be true, first impressions matter. People respond to stimulating content and have a stronger, more memorable reaction to the more unique and the higher positions of authority. In this case, Tinder’s brand helped with both.

What does this social experiment prove? People unconsciously respond to authority and rely upon what they perceive to be true to make decisions. Think Nike. Nike has established itself as an expert in athletic wear, and as a result, is a trusted resource for health advice and exercise regimens. The company is so widely credited in athletics, that people regularly use the Nike Training App as a gym replacement simply because the brand name itself promotes that reliability.

So how do we rationalize playing with the human psyche, exploiting people’s vulnerabilities and effectively duping them into making decisions? Marketers can lay the foundation for influence, use slogans, campaigns, and eye-catching imagery to lure in unsuspecting bypasses, but ultimately, it is up to the consumer to make the final decision. What’s great about Tinder is it promotes social interaction, and from a social standpoint, the marketing tactics employed did just the trick: started a conversation.

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